‘Keep Austin Weird’ may be the unofficial slogan of the capital city of Texas, but it has known weird for generations. Native American spirits warring with first the Mexicans and then the Texicans, a deposed White Court King claiming territory in a war of Manifest Destiny, and the incursion of the Red Court have all happened over hundreds of years. Things aren’t looking to die down either.

There are people here who fight back to keep the weird at bay, which makes the unknowing citizens slogan all that more ironic. Or maybe it wasn’t the unknowing citizens… maybe it was a careful ploy to plant suggestion in their heads… maybe everything is happening to plan?

All I can say is, if you want to bump in the night, if you want to prey on people, if you want to fight your clandestine wars, then ’Don’t mess with Texas.’"

-Barnabus Collins, Warden of the Southern US

DFRPG - Austin City Limits

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