Gregory Ubel

Hellishly Good Attorney at Law


Gregory Ubel is the managing partner of the Dallas branch of Boccanegra and Deguello, the law office that brokered the apocalyptic deal between Michael Dell and the demon Culsu.

After first appearing at the Central Presbyterian Church to deliver the final time window in which Dell had to fulfill his end of the bargain, Ubel made mention that he knew who Syrena and Charley Cane’s demonic parents were, even going so far as to offer his card if they wanted to know more.

When the group sought to summon and kill Culsu, they first had to convince Ubel that it was in his best interest not to rat them out and ruin their trap. After some negotiating, which resulted in unspecified favors owed by Charley, Shen Lo, and Syrena, Ubel sacrificed one of his guards to summon Culsu and then stayed out of the fight. After it was over, Ubel climbed back in his limo and disappeared.

Gregory Ubel has featured in the following case files:
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Gregory Ubel

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