Pilar Sosa

Marquesa of the Red Court


Pilar Sosa appears to be a beautiful young woman of Spanish descent. She runs a charity called the Sosa Foundation, has a near controlling stake in Telemundo, owns half of the night clubs in downtown Austin (including Elysium), and is suspected to be a member of Los Asesinos de Dios.

When Syrena met her, Pilar mentioned she paid Carlos Álvarez and all of Syrena’s bills. She seemed interested in Carlos’ interest in the Heart of Amber, and very interested in the occult knowledge Syrena and Lucky gained from Shen Lo, enough to merit Pilar dropping in on Shen Lo at his family’s restaurant, the Nanking Kitchen. Syrena also remembers a near euphoric feeling after shaking Pilar’s hand, the ramifications which are currently unknown.

Pilar Sosa

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