Scion of the Naaglioshii and main power behind the ritual to summon Gaia


Skocoom, more commonly called a Bigfoot or Sasquatch, is the son of a Navajo spiritual entity known as a Naaglioshii. He conspired with the Skinwalker John Longshadow to call up the Earth Mother Gaia and reinvest North America with magical energy that he could use for his own nefarious purposes.

He was first encountered in the form of a mutt dog, having tracked the man that the group had rescued from Arkady Belikov to a safe house owned by Los Asesinos de Dios. Entering the safe house under false pretenses of an injured paw, he quickly enamored himself with Lucky. When Lucky’s watch was over, he retired with the homeless man to a room to sleep. Once Lucky was asleep, he changed forms again, this time to a rat. He snuck through the house to the room where his quarry slept and transformed into his natural form. Veiling himself with magic, he moved across the room and began suffocating the man with his own pillow.

Hearing a commotion in the room where their prisoner was recovering, Syrena saw a pillow being forced down on his head by… nothing. There was nothing there. Grabbing her combat knife, she rushed forward only to have her knife hand held fast by something far stronger than herself. Skocoom then forced Syrena’s hand down into the man’s head, killing him. Charley, who was asleep in the room, only saw Syrena as she stabbed their charge in the head repeatedly.

When Syrena’s hand was grabbed, she saw through the veil to what was really there… a 9 foot tall hairy ape creature. She reached her free hand into her jacket and took out the only other weapon she had, a lighter. Lighting the creature’s hair on fire caused Skocoom to release his hold on Syrena and transform into a small monkey, which then jumped through the window to escape albeit on fire.

The group met up with Skocoom again when he tried to kill Syrena after her initial investigation into the park where she saw an excavation underway. Fearing that she would uncover their plans, John Longshadow sent Skocoom to silence her. Sneaking into the Nanking Kitchen, once again under the guise of a mutt dog, Skocoom went through the house until he found Syrena hiding in a protective circle. Skocoom’s large size made moving around in the house impractical unless he transformed, which limited his strength. She used this to her advantage as she unloaded a clip into the monster’s back, once again causing him to flee.

Skocoom was encountered one final time during the ritual to summon Gaia. After he had sacrificed John Longshadow while floating above the well, a powerful blast of force energy by Shen Lo caused him to fall into the powerful magical energies that he had unleashed below. As he was slowly being consumed by the power, Lucky battled Skocoom with Pietacchius while Shen Lo prepared a hasty ritual to contain the Earth Mother’s energy within the bounds of the well.

Skocoom died by a combination of his own greed for magical power and the purity of the fourth Sword of the Cross.

Skocoom has featured in the following case files:
Spiritual Awakening



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