Tommy Papania

Syrena's late partner / New Amber Court Vampire


Tommy is Syrena’s second partner. During a mission for Carlos Álvarez, in which he was supposed to pass along a box to Syrena, Tommy vanished. Carlos sent Syrena to locate him, first by speaking a contact who was providing Tommy with the drop and then by way of his apartment. Syrena located him at the apartment, chasing him out a window and through the back window of his car. With exasperation in his voice, Tommy said “Fuck it” and crashed the car. He was taken to the hospital where Frank Warr sent some boys in make sure he was taken care of.

After that, Syrena thought that Tommy had been “retired”, but a few weeks later she received a phone call from Frank that she needed to hunt Tommy down again. This time, Tommy seemed different. His strength, speed, and toughness had increased ten-fold and his teeth had been replaced with obsidian daggers. Little did anybody know, Carlos had turned Tommy into an Amber Court Vampire. Lucky and Roger Benton ran into Tommy as he was feeding in an alley. Entering the confrontation, Lucky forced Tommy to flee with a touch of his hand.

Syrena showed up later and she, Lucky, and Roger chased Tommy back to Álvarez’s house on Lake Travis. Tommy was out to get Carlos back for what had been done to him. The confrontation ended with Tommy’s death at the hands of Lucky and Syrena.

Tommy Papania

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