Father Lawrence Michaels

Mean Mother Effing Servant of God


Father Lawrence Michaels is a junior pastor at the Central Presbyterian Church in Austin, Tx. He has provided shelter and food for several homeless people in the past and is one that Lucky considers trustworthy. When the group needed a safe place to lie low, it was Lucky’s suggestion to head to the church for shelter and guidance.

While dealing with the events that lead to the creation of the Ley Node in a UT Campus Park, nobody wanted to endanger Father Michaels by telling him exactly what was going on. Lucky thought differently, that forewarned is forearmed. After explaining the situation to the pastor in his office, Father Michaels introduced Lucky to the concept of a spiritual order supposedly founded by the twelve disciples that safe guarded people from supernatural threats. This organization is known as The Order of St. Uriel. While it officially became an organization within the Catholic Church around 200 AD, it has since spread to other Christian sects as different interpretations of the faith sprang up. After helping facilitate Lucky joining with his destiny and picking up the fourth Sword of the Cross, Pietacchius, Father Michaels has been a staunch companion for Lucky, Shen Lo, Syrena, and Charley in their adventures.

Father Michaels has featured in the following case files:
Spiritual Awakening
Caveat Emptor

Father Lawrence Michaels

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