The Star of the Morning, The Light Bringer, The Fallen Son


An immensely powerful archangel. When God said “Let there be light” it was Lucifer who created the sun to bath the new earth with it’s warm rays. When God asked the angels to bow down before Man, Lucifer refused saying he loved God too much to bend down to a lesser being. This act of defiance sparked the rebellion in Heaven. Lucifer and the angels at his side were cast out of Heaven and into the pit, a place called Hell where God’s love does not reach. Lucifer’s rage at being betrayed by his father has transformed Hell into what it is now.

Before Jesus was resurrected, he went to Hell for three mortal days to free the souls of the unbaptised (three days in the mortal realm was a life time in Hell). While there, he met with Lucifer and prophesied that like God has a son, Lucifer too would have a son. This caused Lucifer’s followers to put into motion a plan to create the perfect vessel to birth the anti-christ… a plan that that would eventually culminate in the birth of Syrena Keres (Elisbeta Aduce-Moartea) to act as Lucifer’s own Madonna.



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