John Longshadow

Comanche Skinwalker and Corporate Financier


Little is officially known of John Longshadow’s past. What is known is that he works for Frost Bank Corp as a corporate financier. The Warden’s know that he is a member of the Comanche nation and at least a minor talent with magic.

What Shen Lo found out during his investigation was that John Longshadow was a Skinwalker of some talent, joining forces with the Naglioshii-scion Skocoom to re-awaken the Earth Mother Gaia to reclaim the lands of the Native Americans.

He hired Arkady “The Russian Bear” Belikov as muscle to protect his interests, going so far as to send him after one of his flunkies who had witnessed a meeting with Skocoom. John Longshadow met with Pilar Sosa at Club Elysium as they worked together to secure the necessary plausible explanation to work a major construction project in the center of UT’s park, in this case an archaeological dig funded by The Sosa Foundation through Frost Bank Corp.

John readied himself for the ritual needed to summon the power. He wore an animal skin outfit made of the pelts of numerous beasts, he chanted and danced in circles around an old Comanche well that had been buried long ago in an attempt to gain Gaia’s attention.

When Shen Lo, Charley Cane, Lucky, and Syrena appeared to stop the ritual, they were assaulted by Arkady and several veiled security guards. After fighting through the guards, the group got to the well in time to see John Longshadow sacrificed by Skocoom for the final bit of power needed to complete the ritual. From the look on Longshadow’s face, he was not expecting the betrayal… and it’s entirely possible that was part of the ritual all along… the betrayal of a Native American to draw up the Earth Mother.

Regardless, the Earth Mother responded with power flowing out of the well that consumed John Longshadow’s body.

John Longshadow has featured in the following case files:
Spiritual Awakening

John Longshadow

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