Feng Li

Mortal Enemy of Shen Lo


A Han Dynasty sorcerer, and believed by some to be more than human, Feng Li is the enemy of Shen Lo.

When Shen Lo vanished before every bodies eyes after killing the demon Culsu, Feng Li immediately appeared in his place attempting to communicate in Chinese to determine not where he was, but when.

A year after his appearance, Feng Li has gathered an army of monsters and his loyal descendants to take control of the Ley Node at the UT campus park. He is currently at war with the White and Red court presences and has attacked and killed several of Shen Lo’s descendants.

The White Council has even made an attempt to kill Feng Li, but it failed when their magic did absolutely no harm to him.

Feng Li has featured in the following case files:
Caveat Emptor
Elemental Hostility

Feng Li

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