Lara Henderson

Kidnapped Personal Assistant to Michael Dell


The personal assistant to Michael Dell, Lara was kidnapped in a hallway leading away from Michael’s office. Dell and his security chief, Mike Blackwood hired several private investigators to supplement the police, including Charley Cane.

Charley, Syrena, and Shen Lo entered Dell under the false pretense of catering to a large team event and managed to get a tour of the offices surrounding Mr. Dell’s. There, Shen Lo got away to a bathroom to investigate with a quick thaumaturgy ritual that revealed that whatever took Lara reeked of brimstone.

They then sought out her boyfriend, Daniel, so that some of her hair could be attained from a brush. With that, they managed to locate the house where Lara was being held captive by an elderly couple possessed by demons. After disposing of the demons, the group ran into a full fledged demon holding Lara captive. After dealing with him, they got Lara to a hospital to recover, calling Blackwood on the way.

Blackwood and the cops met the group at the hospital, not knowing the supernatural method that Charley used to locate Lara. When Shen Lo looked at Lara with The Sight, he saw that she too, was possessed.

Later, Rabbi Goldman secretly exorcised the demon from Lara after the death of Culsu.

Lara Henderson featured in the following case files:
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Lara Henderson

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