Hans Bertram

Shifty Private Investigator


Hans Bertram is an unscrupulous private investigator and rival to Charley Cane’s detective agency. During the events of the case file Caveat Emptor, Hans, Charley, and several others were hired by Mike Blackwood, Dell’s personal security specialist, to help the police locate Mr. Dell’s missing personal assistant, Lara Henderson. Knowing full well that Charley and Co had a knack for finding missing persons, Hans began following her so that he could rescue Lara first.

After Charley suspected that they were being followed, Shen Lo summoned power and hexed Hans’ car. Hans decided to pick the trail back up at Charley’s house/detective agency, where he had several hi-tech devices monitoring what was going on inside the building. He managed to catch on a thermographic picture the fact that someone entered and then trashed the business. The person trashing the business was Syrena, having been prompted to do so by Charley when the cops started questioning her about two bodies located where Lara was being held.

When the cops showed up with Charley to get evidence that she had been tipped off to Lara’s where abouts (as opposed to using magic like Shen Lo did to find her), Hans offered testimony and offered evidence to prove that it was all a set up by Syrena. He was thrilled that Charley was finally going down for getting caught breaking the law.

This was all before Rabbi Baruch Goldman arrived with Callista and Antigone Vassilis in tow. When the Rabbi unleashed the White Court vampires on the cops, Hans was drawn into their lust mojo allowing his damning evidence to be destroyed as Charley and Syrena escaped.

Hans Bertram has featured in the following case file:
Caveat Emptor

Hans Bertram

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