Rabbi Baruch Goldman

Rogue Kabbalistic Magi


An employee and trustee at the Dell Jewish Center outside of Austin, Rabbi Goldman first showed up protecting Michael Dell from the ramifications of a deal the billionaire CEO had made with the demon Culsu, a deal that was brokered through the hellish law firm Boccanegra and Deguello.

After their first chance meeting at Dell’s Round Rock Headquarters, Shen Lo knew that Rabbi Goldman had some mystical talent, he just wasn’t sure how far that went. As Charley’s missing persons case progressed and it became evident that possessor demons were involved, Rabbi Goldman, a demonic specialist, came for the help of Shen Lo, Charley Cane, and Syrena Keres. More information came to light after the group was attacked by a herd of possessed deer on the grounds of the Jewish Center. This attack prompted the group’s relocation to the Central Presbyterian Church.

When the demon possessed lawyer Gregory Ubel appeared and willingly entered the hallowed ground of the sanctuary to speak on behalf of his client it became plainly evident that more than just Michael Dell’s soul was on the line. As a matter of fact, unless Dell delivered his two children to Culsu before a 24 hour window closed, the demon would be able to influence any and every person who has been touched by Michael Dell’s empire.

Rabbi Goldman began preparing for the final confrontation, convincing Michael Dell that it would be in his best interest to strip a guest house on his property and allow them to set a trap for the demons. When Ubel and retinue appeared and was trapped inside a Devil’s Circle, a new deal was brokered. The sniveling Ubel would get to leave with his life if he willingly summoned Culsu to the location knowing that it was a trap. This deal cost favors from Shen Lo, Syrena, and Charley.

The Rabbi was seriously injured in the battle with Culsu and had to be air lifted to the hospital where he recovered.

At the least, Baruch Goldman is a White Council level wizard, but he was not trained by any wizard on their records. Instead, he received training at a Kabbalah sanctuary in Israel. He does not follow the laws of the White Council, instead owing his allegiance to a higher power, God. He does not recognize the authority of the White Council, even though the Unseelie Accords endows them with the authority to police mortal mages.

Baruch Goldman has featured in the following case files:
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Rabbi Baruch Goldman

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