Elf of the court of the Stormbringer. Lord of the Feywild, King of Stags.



The elf lord known as Chibbitz is a member of the Stormbringer’s court and as such has been tasked with providing some minor assistance to her new knight, Josh Caitson. He is a bit eccentric, even for one of the fae, and loves to wear colorful Victorian-era clothing. He is also obsessed with mortal ferromancy; in particular motor vehicles which he believes are full of tiny metal horses.

After Syrena made a deal with Lord Chibbitz to provide meaning behind a message she received from the possessed corpse of a nun, he is now in possession of her true name (although she did not realize the significance of this at the time, having learned only after he fulfilled his part of the bargain and gave her the required info). What he plans to do with this now remains to be seen.



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