Arkady "The Russian Bear" Belikov

Werebear Enforcer


Little is known of the Russian Bear. From the Warden Files provided by Barnabus Collins, Arkady originally hails from Pavlodar, Siberia, has a penchant for wearing tear-away track suits, and is built like an Olympian body builder. Oh yeah, he can shape shift into a massive Kodiak bear.

When first encountered, Arkady was leading two thugs through Nanking Kitchen after a man who had taken to the house-turned-restaurant for safe haven. Syrena, Lucky, and Charley Cane followed him out the back and confronted him in the restaurant’s back yard. Negotiating a temporary cease of conflict, the trio allowed Arkady and his men to take their captive back to their car out front before jumping into conflict again. It was at this time that Arkady shed his track suit and transformed into a massive kodiak bear, knocking Charley off her feet with one swipe and escaping to the sound of cop sirens.

Arkady showed up next at Club Elysium, standing guard outside of Pilar Sosa’s office. He had been drinking a bit, and opened up to Syrena that there were big changes on the horizon. After a few minutes, Arkady was joined by John Longshadow, a slight man with long black hair and an obvious Native American look. Arkady and Longshadow exited the club with Charley and Syrena trailing from a distance.

He was next spotted in UT’s central park after a vision of Syrena’s lead the group there. He was running security for an archealogical dig that was going on. There were guards carrying concealed guns and after Arkady saw who the trespassers were, he charged and attacked Syrena, who managed to escape. When the group came back to stop Longshadow’s plan to call forth the Earth Mother to reclaim Native American lands, Arkady transformed into his bear form and squared off against Syrena before she knocked him unconscious with a portable security light.

Arkady managed to escape the park and hasn’t been seen since.

Arkady Belikov has featured in the following case files:
Spiritual Awakening

Arkady "The Russian Bear" Belikov

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