Carlos Álvarez

Former head of the Álvarez branch of Los Asesinos de Dios


When the Mexican Crime Cartel of Los Asesinos de Dios expanded operations into Austin, Tx, they placed Carlos Álvarez in control. Carlos made short work of establishing a foothold, pushing out other gangs such as The Aztec Motorcycle Club and The Wolves of Freedom. Los Asesinos de Dios placed Frank Warr under him as his Capo.

Álvarez began recruiting local muscle to help strengthen his gang. In the process, he picked up a drifter named Syrena, who seems to have some sort of supernatural connection. Having been opened to the concept of the supernatural through Los Asesinos de Dios, Carlos took this in stride and partnered Syrena with his son, Raine. This partnership lasted for several months until Raine’s death. After that, Syrena was partnered with Tommy Papania.

Seeking to expand his hold on the supernatural, Carlos sought out a relic known as the Heart of Amber. One of 100 identical hearts from the continent of Africa, the Heart of Amber is said to be a conduit to a powerful spirit of hunger that bestows the power of the Amber Court Vampire upon anybody who has his heart replaced by the relic via a ritual.

After Tommy failed to bring the heart to Carlos, Syrena was sent to locate Tommy and then retrieve the relic, tasks she completed successfully. Later, Tommy escaped after he had been transformed by the relic. Syrena was tasked with stopping him. In the process, she met Pilar Sosa who claimed to be higher up in the organization than Carlos Álvarez. She seemed very interested in the fact that Carlos had acquired a Heart of Amber and let Syrena go about completing her task. After Syrena dealt with Tommy and the Heart was removed, Álvarez was never seen again. He has been replaced in the organization by Frank Warr.

Carlos Álvarez has featured in the following case files:
Amber Heart

Carlos Álvarez

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